HVAC Maintenance

HVAC Maintenance

Regular maintenance on your heating and air conditioning systems can extend the life of your systems, avert failures and help keep your utility bills lower.  We provide maintenance contracts on all the equipment we service and install.

HVAC systems are usually installed where they aren't seen, such as in a section of the basement, a closet, on rooftops, or in mechanical rooms making them easy to ignore.  The systems are simply taken for granted until they fail.  Decreased efficiency, utility over payment, discomfort, loss of productivity, premature replacement and higher repair costs are the result.  Also, the HVAC system is most likely the single biggest use of energy in your home or business.

Our maintenance contracts are tailored to each type of equipment and the individual requirements of the customer.  They can be semi-annual, quarterly, monthly or as required by the customer and/or the application and equipment.

Some of the equipment we service normally checked on heating and air conditioning systems during an inspection are:

  • Check system functions, safety controls, and adjust the operating sequence where appropriate
  • Inspect electrical components and connections and repair/replace or tighten as required
  • Ensure proper airflow and change dirty air filters
  • Inspect pumps and motors and lubricate where appropriate
  • Examine belts, adjust and align and replace as required
  • Clean inside coil, condensate pans, condensate traps, and condensate lines to prevent obstructions
  • Clean outside coil and straighten fins for efficient operation
  • Check refrigerant levels and look for refrigerant leaks